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    5 Tips for Dogs in the Workplace


    Who doesn’t love having their dog by their side all day long? They do such a great job getting us through those long Mondays!

    I know not all of us have the pleasure of getting to take our pups to work with us everyday, but we do get at least one day a year to experience the joy of having out little buddies with us at work. Just in time for “Take Your Dog to Work Day” coming up on June, 26th, we hope these tips come in handy for you.

    I have always worked from home, so Coco Bean is used to sitting by my side as I edit and type away – and last month my husband and I opened up his office, Illume Chiropractic, and have had little Bean by our side majority of the work days. It was a bit of a transition for her with a new space to sniff out and new people to meet, but we are proud of her progress and ability to adapt.

    Every dog is different and every work environment is different, but these easy tips should help cover the basics for all workplaces. So without further adieu, here are the top tips that we found most helpful to co-exist in the workplace.


    1. Designated “Time Out” Space

    This one is important. Not just a time out space for doing something naughty, but also for your pup to escape for some good old “me” time. If you are going to be spending long days at the office, your dog needs a comforting spot, just like you and I. Whether this is a designated room, a bed under your desk or a cool spot under that shady fiddle fig tree, this is a necessity in order to work cohesively together.


    2. The Essentials

    Food, treats, access to water… you know the drill. Always have their food and water bowls in a place that is easy for them to access, but out of the way so that clients or visitors don’t trip over them. Try to keep their bowls in the same place daily so that they know exactly where to go to snack in between meetings.


    3. Bed, Bath & Beyond

    Give them the office tour, let them sniff it out, and keep a schedule similar to the one you keep at home. – eating patterns, potty breaks, treat/play time etc. This way we avoid any accidents in the office, they know their boundaries, and you can keep on working like a boss.

    Make it comfy for them so that they love going to work with you. You want them to think of this as their home-away-from-home. Whether that means a bed, blanket, a toy to lay rest their head on, or a spot on the sofa (maybe a break room futon?) comfort is a must. We all know they are going to be napping on the job anyway, so why not prepare for it.


    4. Get Organized

    Your life will be so much easier having a little bit organization between your stuff and their stuff. It always seems a bit chaotic once everyone’s belongings get piled on top of each other. You know what I mean – quick grab her leash, wait where is it? oh, that’s right, at the bottom of the tote bag underneath all the folders… Aye carumba!

    Think hooks for their collar/harness/leash, and perhaps a cubby, basket, or maybe even a designated bottom desk drawer for toys, food storage, and anything else your pup needs during the day. Use your best judgement on what you feel fits your space best and will keep you and your four-legged co-worker organized.

    5. Talk to them

    This one is super easy! Nobody likes to be ignored – so make the workplace a welcoming experience, and talk to them throughout the day. They will appreciate it more than you think!

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