Plugged In Malaysia

In June 2021, after my IGCSE exams, I founded a charity named Plugged In Malaysia after learning of the "Digital Divide" within education-the split between those who have access to online learning and those who do not. Many cases, students will be hardware-limited with a slow or unusable computer that cannot run the software for education.

I founded Plugged In Malaysia to take in those slow or unsuable computers, repair, refurbish and distribute them. PIM works with two Malaysian charities: JREC and MyReaders. JREC runs 5 UNHCR schools across Malaysia, providing education to over 850 students. MyReaders is a volunteer-led, remedial literacy programme to teach underprivileged children how to read.

Within a year of its founding, Plugged In Malaysia has received over 166 computers and has grown to 29 volunteers.
PIM has garnered a variety of supporters from neighbors to companies such as Chubb, AmBank and DHL.

Additionally, we have just began collaboration with MKIS, a neighbouring school. They run an after-school club with 10 members dedicated to repairing old computers for charity, strengthening PIM's goal of spreading the message of sustainable computing whilst bridging the Digital Divide. All have given their support and pledged computers.