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    DIY Pet Grooming Kit

    DIY Pet Grooming Kit Chuy Chihuahua by IrresistiblePets.com


    As a Chihuahua mama, I do most of Chuy’s grooming at home. However, I do take him to the groomer to have his nails clipped and filed as well as expressing his anal glands every 6-8 weeks. Even if you see a groomer on a regular basis, there are some things you need at home to keep your pet looking and feeling irresistible.

    I wanted to share my DIY Grooming Kit with you so you can see what type of items I keep on hand for Chuy.

    DIY Pet Grooming Kit Essentials by IrresistiblePets.com

    Pet Grooming Bag

    My grooming bag was actually a gift I received prior to my wedding to help me organize my wedding day makeup and beauty items. I ended up using it instead for Chuy’s beauty stuff because I have way too many makeup organizers/containers as it is! It works perfectly for pet grooming supplies because there’s plenty of sections, zippers, and pockets. They have a variety of different bags like this on Amazon that are perfect for a DIY Pet Grooming Kit. Here’s a few of my favs that I found for you. Click on the image to get more information.

    pet grooming bag


    pet grooming bag

    Ten Items to Include in a DIY Pet Grooming Kit

    All you need to do to create a do it yourself pet grooming kit is to get a grooming bag and then fill it up with your supplies! There are some basic items that everyone should include in their pet grooming kit but then again there are some items that are a personal preference and dependent upon the needs of your pet.

    DIY Pet Grooming Kit Supplies by IrresistiblePets.com

    1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

    Pets need to have their teeth brushed on a regular basis. All you need is a pet friendly toothpaste and toothbrush. Chuy hates to have his teeth brushed, so we sometimes we use dental wipes instead.

    2. The Furminator or Pet Brush

    I swear by the Furminator! Even though Chuy has short hair, you wouldn’t believe the amount of hair that comes out when we use the Furminator. Seriously, this thing will save your house from hours of dusting and vacuuming pet hair!

    3. Shampoo

    I typically use good old fashioned Dawn Dish Soap to bathe Chuy and I’ve been doing that since he was a puppy. However, from time to time we like to try other shampoos like and from 1800Pet Meds.

    4. Ear Cleaning Solution

    I have both a RX ear cleaning solution and a regular one that you can pick up at the store or online. It’s important to keep your pet’s ears clean to avoid infections!

    5. Nail Clipper or Nail File

    Chuy won’t have anything to do with us trying to clip his nails at home.  However, if your pet likes their PAWdicures at home, keep a nail clipper or nail file inside your grooming bag! This is the face Chuy gives if I even pull out the PediPaws nail file:


    6. Q-tips and Cotton Balls

    Qtips and cotton balls are great for cleaning ears, eyes, etc.

    7. Hand Towels

    Small hand towels are helpful to dry off fur or clean up messes from any of your products. I recommend the microfiber towels as they absorb water faster than a regular one.

    DIY Pet Grooming Kit Towels by IrresistiblePets.com

    8. Medications

    Some people may choose to keep grooming supplies separate from medications. However, I prefer to keep all of Chuy’s health care essentials in one place. He doesn’t take any regular medications outside of his monthly heart worm pill. However, he is currently on three different medications for his back pain. I like to keep all of them tucked away in his grooming bag. We have a separate Pet First Aid Kit with items we don’t use on a regular basis.

    9. Vitamins and Supplements

    Again, you might keep these separate but I fnid it easier to keep these items all in one place. If you have vitamins, hip/joint supplements, etc you can include them right in your pet’s grooming bag.

    10. Notebook

    I keep a small notebook inside of Chuy’s grooming bag to write down when I gave him certain medications, baths, pills, etc. I also use it to track any odd symptoms he might have so that if we need to get to the vet, I can take this with me to reference.

    Where to Get Pet Grooming and Health Supplies

    I order most of my grooming supplies and medications online from 1800PetMeds. They have a variety of products, great prices, and free shipping on all orders over $39!

    DIY Pet Grooming Kit 1800PetMeds by IrresistiblePets.com

    Chuy and I want to know what you keep your pet’s grooming kit or if you don’t have one, what are you planning on putting in it?

    DIY Pet Grooming Kit Chuy Chihuahua by IrresistiblePets.com

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