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    Irresistible Bunny Jars


    Remember the Pet Food Jars I made last year? Well, these are done the exact same way except they are Bunnies to celebrate Easter! These jars are perfect for storing pet food, human food, or even crafting supplies. For a low cost but “irresistible” gift, add some Easter candy or dog treats and give these as a gift! They also are an adorable way to store your Irresistible Bunny Bones and a great alternative to an Easter Basket!

    Supplies You Need

    • Mason Jars or up-cycle old food jars ( I used 2 Mason Jars and 3 old food jars)
    • Spray Paint
    • Glue
    • Plastic Bunnies ( I purchased these at A.C. Moore)

    Irresistible Bunny Jars - Supplies You Need

    Directions – How to Make Irresistible Bunny Jars


    1.Prep and clean the jars since they will be used for food storage. Wash both the jar and the lids with hot water and soap.  Allow them to dry.

    2. You want to make sure that NO spray paint is able to get inside of the jars, so that you don’t risk it getting in the food. Tape the inside of the lids as a precautionary measure. (Even though you will only spray paint them on one side.

    3. Glue the bunny to the top of the lid, positioning it where you want it. Hold for about 15 seconds.

    4. Head outside and start with one layer of spray paint and allow it to dry for 2-3 minutes. Apply additional layers as needed and allow them to dry.

    5. Once you’ve completed spray painting all of your lids with the animals attached, let them sit in a ventilated area for about 24-48 hours to let the fumes evaporate and to ensure that all paint dries BEFORE adding any treats or food.

    Irresistible Bunny Jars Directions

    Finished Look – Irresistible Bunny Jars

    Happy Easter! Your Irresistible Bunny Jars should look something like this:

    Irresistible Bunny Jars - Finished Project



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