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    Valentine’s Day for You and Your Dog

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    Valentine’s Day, the day to spend with those you love, is right around the corner.

    (Did you forget? Don’t worry, I know people. Try these cards… or maybe these!)

    Of course, a popular Valentine’s Day activity is cooking a meal for your special someone. I know I’ll be cooking something special for Nick on Valentine’s Day, plus I’ll also be adding something extra tasty to the fluffies’ meal. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be better if I could cook something for my human AND my puppy loves?

    (Just go with it…I can’t name things. I’m not a food blogger for a reason.)

    As the name implies, this breakfast is adorable, delicious, healthy, and incredibly simple. Come on, does it get any better?

    What You’ll Need

    • Red bell pepper
    • Egg whites (or a whole egg if you don’t care about color)
    • Nonstick spray

    Image result for 14 valentine day dogs

    What You’ll Do

    1. Cut your bell pepper to resemble a heart. I just sliced through the pepper and cut out the bottom to make a ‘v’. Use a toothpick to hold the pepper together.
    2. Spray your skillet with nonstick spray (or olive oil… whatever you fancy).
    3. Place the heart shaped peppers in the pan and cook until just tender.

    1. Add your egg whites to the interior of the peppers.
    2. Now this step takes a little work. Use your spatula to ensure the pepper heart stays closed and egg does seep out.
    3. Allow egg to cook until almost done, then flip to cook completely.

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